Being a teenager involves many changes in your life and body, when it comes to skin it’s likely you’ll experience oily skin and breakouts. In fact, nearly 90% of teenagers will be affected by breakouts at some point, so if this is you don’t worry! 


As hormones are changing the skin starts to produce more oil in the sebaceous glands. Our skin is constantly shedding away dead skin cells and picking up bacteria from the day. This is the perfect environment for pores to get clogged which can result in whiteheads, blackheads and pimples!  

Read on to find out how you can look after your teenage skin the best way possible! 


Let’s talk skincare.

Looking after your skin should begin early on, as it helps to regulate oil production, keep skin clear of bacteria and protect it from any other environmental triggers. We’ve outlined some key steps that your routine should include to get on top of those blemishes! 


Cleansing is the first step to balance oil production. Our Pulp Detox, is a clarifying cleansing paste juiced with organic clay and tiny bamboo beads. This will help keep your skin clear of any bacteria. 


Moisturising is especially important to feed the skin the essential nutrients and hydration it needs. A common question is does oily skin need a moisturiser? Absolutely and we understand the uncomfortable feel moisturiser can have on oily skin. Our Pineapple Punch face cream is the ideal formula for teen skin! It contains enzymes from pineapples and salicylic acid to deeply clean pores and gently remove dead skin, leaving your skin with a mattified finish! 


Sunscreen is key for long term good skin! Mineral SPF’s are best as they contain a healing ingredient, called zinc. Mineral sunscreen acts as a physical barrier which stops the sun from penetrating the skin and changing pigment. Our Sun Juice comes in a tinted and untinted version, so you can get a little extra colour if you like!  

To find out our complete range for acne prone skin see here. 


Don’t worry, breakouts are normal. 

Whilst we put in all this effort to maintain healthy clear skin, at times we will still experience breakouts, and it’s okay! Nobody has perfect skin, and breakouts will come and go. Be kind to yourself and your skin, going through acne is completely normal and can be manageable with time.   

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