From an early age we are taught the importance of washing our hands – clean hands to eat, to stop the spread of germs and just washing away the general ‘mess’ that kids seem to attract. It’s a ritual, and it’s the same for baths and showers. For many of us they can even become more than just a simple act of cleaning ourselves – it’s an act of relaxation, a moment of contemplation and they just seem to help ease other things that might be going on in our lives


Washing and cleaning is so often associated with doing good. But how much good is your hand and body wash doing for you?


The ingredient list on these products can often be daunting and lengthy – like trying to learn an entirely new language. So let’s start with one ingredient to look out for…


Do you see Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)?


This ingredient is responsible for the bubbles and foam, and contributes to that squeaky clean feel. However this ingredient is also guilty of causing skin irritation, which can lead to eczema and dermatitis, potentially harming you and your family. It can also have an accumulative and toxic effect on marine life.


But if you’re not ready to give up the bubbles and love the satisfaction of a good lather, that’s ok we have you covered.


Give the whipped foamy goodness of Do Good hand + body wash from Skin Juice’s sister brand green habit a try. Besides being safe for you, your family and our environment, this product is also:


  • Australian owned and made.
  • 100% natural, palm oil free and is free from SLS and any other harmful chemicals.
  • Packaging is made from the recycled plastic repurposed from a previous life as an Iced Tea bottle.
  • Reuse! We’ll be releasing a 1L refill pouch soon.


So don’t just think you’re doing good when you next wash your hands, shower or bath – know you are doing good and start a new healthy habit.


Jo x


Don’t forget for the month of August, you will receive a FREE green habit Do Good hand + body wash with every Skin Juice order over $100.


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