Summer’s in the air! With many of us enjoying the warmer weather and longer days at the beach, our skin can start to experience a few unwanted side effects thanks to our time spent in the sun.


We’ve outlined 5 common summer skin issues and what you can do to ensure healthy skin this summer!


Sebum: Exposure to humid and hot climates can trigger our skin to produce more oil. Excess oil can block bacteria within the skin’s pores and can lead to more pimples during summer. Here at Skin Juice, we’d recommend refreshing your skin every night, by deeply cleansing away the day, removing excess oil and sweat to maintain healthy skin. We love our Coconut Cream cleansing cream for the ultimate summer time treat.


Exposure to UV Rays: With the sun shining each day and more reasons to be outside, it’s important to regularly apply sunscreen especially in summer when the UVA/UVB rays are at their highest. Our skin can be at risk for further UV damage which can increase a range of concerns including pigmentation, premature aging and sunburn. We recommend using a mineral based SPF for maximum protection like our Sun Juice which comes in tinted and untinted varieties.


Heat Sensitivity: If you’ve spent a day in the sun and returned home to red and irritated skin without being sunburnt, you might be sensitive to the heat. The skin, like the body cools itself by sweating. If you’ve been using a chemical based sunscreen, the skin’s sweat glands can become clogged, causing the skin to overheat. This may lead to a range of skin conditions such as dermatitis.  We would recommend avoiding direct sunlight by wearing a wide brim hat and using a mineral based sunscreen to avoid further irritation.


Water Loss: Lack of moisture in the air can affect the skin’s hydration. Maintaining a healthy barrier function can minimise moisture loss and irritation. Using supportive cleansers and protective moisturisers can assist in maintaining a healthy barrier function, while regular use of hydrating production like our Bio Juice will help increase hydration levels each morning and night to ensure skin is feeling supple and fresh!


Antioxidants: If you really want to take care of your skin over the summer, increasing your antioxidants intake is the best thing you could do! Why? Because when the skin is exposed to heat it can result in more free radical damage (which eats away at good collagen!). Antioxidants provide these free radicals what they need so that the skin’s collagen can be restored again. Here at Skin Juice our Juice C is the perfect antioxidants addition to any skincare routine, containing 100% L-ascorbic Acid you won’t get much more pure Vitamin C than that!


So, there you have it! Our juicy summertime skin tips to help keep you glowing this season.

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