Holidays are usually filled with loads of fun but also lots of activities and time spent in the harsh environment. This can take its toll on our skin so there’s no better time to give the skin a healthy boost by visiting your nearest Skin Juice stockist to experience the Instant Glow Pumpkin Peel Facial. This facial is an all natural treatment that has been designed to give the skin a youthful, fresh and healthy glow.

Looks like it’s time for me to have a facial and share the experience.

The Run Down

Once in the salon I am given a consultation form to fill in, this is to ensure the beauty therapist has all the background information about me, including what I’m using on my skin, pregnancy or any illness or medication that might impact the products used within the facial. Because it could impact my treatment, it is really important that I provide my therapist with all the best and most accurate information possible. This information is very important so I’m always very honest.

I’m then lead into a comfortable treatment area where I can kick back and relax on a treatment bed. I love the feeling of soft fresh towels while lying in a dimly lit room with the soft sound of music comforting and slowing my busy mind.

The beauty therapist then looks at my skin and talks about some positive solutions for my key skin concerns, such as sensitivity and dehydration. I then let her do her magic and slip straight into relaxing. The therapist gently explains to me each product they are using before applying them onto my skin.

Smudge Budge cleansing balm is first applied to my eyes. I love how nurtured my skin feels as this soft balm is massaged around my eyes. As it melts it releases soft berry and tomato aromas. My face is then treated to a beautiful cleansing experience which includes tension-relieving facial movements before Bio Juice skin drink, which smells like a fruit smoothie, hydrates and cools my skin.

The Pumpkin Peel Glow Activator Application

This peel is formulated using a combination of skin smoothing plant acids and fruit enzymes. A rich diet of skin protective nutrients from sea buckthorn and pumpkin will deeply feed new skin while a botanical vitamin A will help stimulate healthy cell renewal.
Upon application I’m told that I will feel a tingling sensation which is normal but to let the therapist know if I feel uncomfortable, which I don’t. While the peel is on the beauty therapist massages my hands and arms with the Perfect Paws hand cream, which smells divine with aromas from lemongrass, mandarin and rosemary.

The peel is then removed using cotton pads with cool water. I can already tell at this point that my skin is super smooth and feels plump and bouncy.

Calming and nourishing Re Juice oil drops, smelling like sweet chamomile nectar, are then pressed into my skin. These oils feed the skin nutrients that awaken a brighter complexion. The therapist explains that, whenever we exfoliate or take away from the skin, it is important that we give back.

It’s now time for the Infusive Peel moisture glow mask application. This mask contains natural polysaccharides from seaweed which infuse and lock in moisture to really help plump out those fine lines.

This cooling mask is applied like you would apply icing on a cake, and helps to calm and soothe sensitivity while infusing essential nutrients such as antioxidant rich beetroot, cranberry, pomegranate and Vitamin C deeply into the skin. Vitamin C is a critical component in the production of collagen and the skin will feel instantly softer, calmer, and younger looking.

While the mask sets into a light rubber-like mould (it’s also a gorgeous light beetroot pink colour) my feet and legs are spoilt to a massage using the delicious Juice Drops body oil. The hydrating oils in this product really sink in to moisturise my thirsty skin. Heaven!

After the mask is removed the hydrating super skin drink, Bio Juice, is pressed onto my skin once again leaving it feeling hydrated and refreshed, before the moisturising Sun Juice SPF is applied to protect my skin. This treatment is then topped off with a blissful scalp massage.

The Result

My skin is left looking dewy, plump and feeling soft. The Instant Glow Pumpkin Peel is bursting with hydrating ingredients that mimic the skin’s natural moisturising factors and result in rejuvenated, brighter and younger looking skin.



Creator of Skin Juice

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