We create the brands and manufacture them ourselves so we can guarantee no compromises are made within any of the production processes or the quality and purity of the ingredients used.

The Skin Juice story began in 1996 when the founder developed a healthy daily skin diet that would feed the skin like a healthy diet feeds the body, using 4 products to cleanse, hydrate, protect and nourish.

Inside the juice jar you will find natural and organic superfoods fused with nutraceutical ingredients which are free from artificial sweeteners and can be safely digested by the skin. Each product contains bio compatible essential nutrients which will help to balance conditions such as oiliness and dryness, while reducing sensitivity, dehydration and breakouts, along with protecting the skin against premature ageing.

The bright colours of the packaging represent the natural and organic fruits, plants and superfoods that create each product, proving healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

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Serum factory is a range of affordable and natural supercharged serums that target and treat a range of skin deficiencies and will supplement your current skin care regime to deliver healthy results. These formulations look, feel and smell delicious, are suitable for vegans and are manufactured without synthetic chemicals or animal testing. Each formula contains the best from green chemistry and uses a fusion of super actives and superfood ingredients. Super Actives are potent clinically proven plant powered ingredients which have been encapsulated into a unique liposome. Liposomes are like biocompatible bubbles made from the same material as the skin’s cell membrane. These bubbles are filled with Serum Factory's unique super active formulas and are delivered into the skin to target specific skin concerns. Each serum’s formula is then boosted using natural and organic superfoods to feed the skin essential nutrients for sustainable healthy skin. You are able to use more than one serum at a time to customise your dosing and layer different serums from the range to create your own remedy, this is called daily dosing. This makes Serum Factory the perfect choice to supplement any skin care routine.

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The green habit range is an affordable lifestyle brand for the conscious consumer.

We've spent years researching natural, palm oil free and sustainably-sourced ingredients, refining formulations for efficacy and ensuring that our actions – as well as our products – are ethical, sustainable and environmentally-conscious.

To honour this belief, we have created one of the most affordable eco-friendly skincare brands on the market, which has been developed by a team that genuinely respects the environment as well as your health.

Safe, sustainable and highly effective, green habit ticks all the boxes for those seeking a totally natural skincare solution. This non-prescriptive range means its suitable for all skin types, including teens, women and men, and with generous product sizes, green habit is making clean and green products affordable and accessible for the whole family.

The green habit product range maintains a minimal-impact approach to skincare – no hype, no unnecessary choices, just honest, effective products that are as good for the environment as they are for the end user. 

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Man Brew products are the ultimate in men’s natural skin care. Raw, superfood ingredients are infused into each batch during the brewing process and unhealthy additives such as mineral oils, PEGS, parabens, synthetic ingredients, artificial fragrances and colours are strictly excluded. These safe and effective formulations are brewed fresh in our own lab using 100% natural, cruelty free ingredients to create innovative solutions for a wide range of skin concerns. 



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Juice glow products allow you to enhance your natural beauty with their glow boosting blend of delicious fruit oils and earth pigments. 

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