We have complied a helpful list of FAQs to help answers your queries quickly. These cover topics including shipping, our company, our values and more.

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Q. Are all Raw Earth products vegan?

A. All products in Serum Factory, green habit, Juice Glow, Man Brew and Splash Bar are vegan. Most of the products in the Skin Juice range are vegan. The only ingredients used in a selection of the Skin Juice products that might be of concern to vegans are Beeswax, Honey and Milk Protein in Good Juice. All ingredients are listed on the product pages. 

Q. Can I use Raw Earth co products if I have nut allergies?

We use a wide selection of tree nut oils, seed oils and kernel oils in product formulations so we suggest checking the ingredient listing on the product page before purchasing or using the products if you have an allergy.

Nut oils we use include macadamia nut oil and almond oil.

While thorough cleaning procedures are followed, we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of nut oils in products that do not have nuts listed as all products are manufactured on the same equipment. We advise caution, as all allergies are serious no matter the severity.

Q. Can I use products with Salicylic Acid during pregnancy?

The recommended amount of topically applied salicylic acid during pregnancy is less than 1%. Both Liquid Clearing Serum and Pulp Detox Cleanser contains 0.5% Salicylic acid and are considered safe for use during pregnancy. 

Some other products within the ranges also use salicylic acid within the formula at a very low percentage as a pH adjuster. 

During pregnancy we recommend Liquid is best applied to targeted areas only. During pregnancy the skin may be more vascular meaning that it could be more prone to increased sensitivity and irritation. 

Green Juice balm may also be a good option to use as an alternative to Liquid for a healing booster at night if the client suffers from any sensitivity or would prefer not to use the Liquid.

Q. Can I use Skin Juice if I am allergic to aspirin?

We would advise extreme caution if you have an allergy or sensitivity. Willow tree bark is the raw ingredient in which aspirin and salicylic acid is derived. You will need to avoid all products containing salicylic acid to be safe. Salicylic acid is used in very small amounts as a PH adjuster in some of our products.

Please check the ingredients on the products page prior to purchasing or using. 

Q. Are the products made in Australia?

All Raw Earth co brands are 100% Australian owned and manufactured and products are made fresh in our very own Juice Lab. This means we are involved at every touch point of the product journey and know exactly what goes into your products.

Q. Does Raw Earth test on animals?

A. No. All Raw Earth brands and products are completely cruelty free and are not tested on animals.

Q. What preservatives do product formulations use?

A. We use a variety of different preservatives systems, depending on the individual product formulation and what we consider to be the healthiest option for the skin. We make no compromises on what we put in our products and are passionate about giving customers the healthiest option for their skin so we use either ecocert preservative systems, which are sustainably sourced, or food grade preservative systems.

Q. What is the shelf life of the products?

All brands have a shelf life of 12 months unopened and then range between 6-9 months once opened.

The products are manufactured in-house by our own production team so the product turnover is very quick. We will not compromise on the quality, efficiency and safety of the products and fresh batches of products are constantly being produced. 

Q. Where can we find the full list of ingredients?

A. We understand the importance of knowing what is in the products you using or purchasing for family and friends. Here at Raw Earth co we are 100% transparent with our formulations and provide a full list of ingredients, which can be found on each products page, as well as on our products. 

Q. Are your products chemical free?

A. Chemicals are a part of life. Plants, animals, minerals
and water are all made up of chemicals, and that’s why we’re not claiming to be chemical free. However, our products are 100% free from synthetic chemicals. 

Q. Why do some of the products contain an ingredient called “Parfum”?

The Parfum in the ingredient list is the legally registered INCI name for Naticide. This is an all-natural vegetable based preservative and is made from Vanilla and Almond extracts. This is not to be confused with your synthetic perfume or fragrance. As a manufacturer and retailer we are legally required to list all ingredients under either
their INCI or botanical names within the ingredient list. Parfum can also be used in some products within the market to protect intellectual rights when essential oils are being used.

Q. How long do the Travel Packs product last for?

A. Products within the Travel Packs will vary in regards to how long they will last. Some products are used only once a day, whereas others are used twice, so you will run out of some before others. On average, they should last approximately 3-5 weeks. Travel size bottles are also refillable so once they have been used up they can be refilled with full size product and re-used.

Q. How long do the products last for?

A. Full sized products will normally last on average around 3 months, but it is dependent on the product, how much is used and how often it is used.

Q. Why aren't there any foaming facial cleansers in the ranges?

Foaming cleansers contain detergents that dry and strip the skin of its oils.

The skin’s natural healthy oils are essential in keeping the skin soft, hydrated and functioning properly. The loss of lipids will expose the skin to irritation and bacterial infections. To compensate for excessive stripping the skin will produce extra oil to try to make up for what it has lost. This means, it can become oilier and more prone to breakouts. Your skin should never be left feeling tight and dry after you cleanse as this means it is left unprotected. Foaming cleansers can also disrupt the skin’s natural acidic pH, as soap is alkaline in nature. This can leave the skin more vulnerable to bacteria, making it dirtier and also risking infection. Our green habit Do Good body wash uses a special combination of soap nuts and canola, along with a self foaming pump to create soap free suds.

Q. What is the difference between a Skin Juice Skin Drink and a traditional toner?

Traditional toners are used to correct the skin’s pH after cleansing. All Skin Juice cleansers are pH balancing and therefore will not require an astringent or drying toner. Instead, Skin Juice Skin Drinks replace water that can be lost during the cleansing process and feed the skin potent antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

They are also used as refreshing tonics of a morning, providing the Skin Juice night nutrition has been used. Skin Juice Skin Drinks are free from alcohols or harsh drying ingredients and nasty irritating chemicals, instead they will purify, balance and hydrate the skin.

Q. How to I view and use my Rewards?

Your Rewards can be viewed by logging into your Raw Earth account and clicking on the Rewards bubble marked with a star in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You can find more information on how to use Rewards here.