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Q. What is the Skin Juice Daily Diet?

A. The Skin Juice Daily Diet is an easy and convenient daily regime. It includes a Juice Cleanse, Skin Drink, Night Nutrition, and a Day Quencher.

Free from harmful chemicals, this diet of nutritious goodness will help balance oily and dry skin types, while reducing sensitivity, dehydration, breakouts and ageing.

Q. Are Skin Juice Products Vegan?

Most of the products are vegan, the only ingredients we use that might be of concern to vegans are beeswax and honey, along with a milk protein which is only found in Good Juice face cream. In your Product Manual all vegan products are marked with a symbol so it’s easy to identify them.

Q. Does Skin Juice Test on Animals?

No. All Skin Juice products are completely cruelty free and are not tested on animals.


Q. Are Skin Juice Products made in Australia?

Skin Juice is 100% Australian owned and manufactured and products are made fresh in our very own Juice Lab. We manufacture and produce all of our own formulations, which means we are involved at every touch point of the products journey and know exactly what goes into them.

Q. Why doesn’t Skin Juice have foaming cleansers?

Foaming cleansers contain detergents that dry and strip the skin of its oils.

The skin’s natural healthy oils are essential in keeping the skin soft, hydrated and functioning properly. The loss of lipids will expose the skin to irritation and bacterial infections. To compensate for excessive stripping the skin will produce extra oil to try to make up for what it has lost. This means, it can become oilier and more prone to breakouts. Your skin should never be left feeling tight and dry after you cleanse as this means it is left unprotected.

Foaming cleansers can also disrupt the skin’s natural acidic pH, as soap is alkaline in nature. This can leave the skin more vulnerable to bacteria, making it dirtier and also risking infection.

Q. What is the difference between a Skin Juice Skin Drink and a traditional toner?

Traditional toners are used to correct the skin’s pH after cleansing. All Skin Juice cleansers are pH balancing and therefore will not require an astringent or drying toner. Instead, Skin Juice Skin Drinks replace water that can be lost during the cleansing process and feed the skin potent antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

They are also used as refreshing tonics of a morning, providing the Skin Juice night nutrition has been used. Skin Juice Skin Drinks are free from alcohols or harsh drying ingredients and nasty irritating chemicals, instead they will purify, balance and hydrate the skin.

Q. Why doesn’t Skin Juice have night creams?

While the skin rests and repairs at night it is important we nourish and hydrate it. Traditionally, heavy, occlusive creams have been applied to the skin at night to keep it feeling hydrated. However, these creams are rich in emulsifiers and heavy oils. While these can offer extra protection during the day, it is unnecessary at night. These types of formulations will sit on the skin’s surface and block its natural processes and healthy oil flow. Skin Juice uses bio-compatible oils and balms at night to nourish the skin, while infusing essential nutrients deeply into the skin via intercellular channels. These oils and balms are emulsifier free, meaning they leave the pores free of residue and allow the skin to go through its natural rebalancing process.

Q. Will I become oilier if I use a face oil?

Oils, or lipids, play a very important role in the skin’s health. They protect the skin from water loss and from the entry of bacteria and irritants.

The skin becomes oily as a result of too much oil, or sebum, production.

It is important not to strip healthy oils from the skin and to replenish lost oils. Feeding the skin a molecularly compatible face oil or balm will balance the amount of oil produced naturally by an overactive oily skin. For a very oily skin you can dampen the fingertips before applying oils or balms, as this will help with the feel and absorption into the skin.

In summary, supplying the skin with natural bio-compatible oils means the skin will respond accordingly and balance oiliness for a soft, fresh and clean glow.

Q. How to I view and use my Rewards?

Your Rewards can be viewed by logging into your Raw Earth account and clicking on the Rewards bubble marked with a star in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You can find more information on how to use Rewards here

Q. What are your packing chips made from?

Our packing chips are made from Australian-grown potato waste (not styrofoam) and will dissolve in water!

When your order arrives, you can tip your packing chips into your compost, on the garden, or simply dissolve them.

This allows us to take the waste from another industry - the food industry - repurpose and reuse it, and then break the cycle as there is no need to recycle further.