Our Team

Our RAW team are connected problem solvers with an inclusive mindset to enable
Raw Earth co to be bold and brave, to grow and adapt to changing needs within the market while staying true to our core values. We believe through creation comes innovation.

Meet the team

We set our own standard of beauty and we aren’t like other skin care brands as our products are made by us without compromise. Meet the team that helps create, manufacture, distribute, market and support Raw Earth co brands and customers. 



I am a qualified beauty therapist and created Skin Juice back in 1996 when I was running my own salon from Darby st Newcastle, NSW. I’m passionate about creating healthy, innovative products that are natural, affordable and results driven without compromise.



I am a qualified beauty therapist with over 22 years experience and have been working at Skin Juice for over 6 years. I love staying up to date with the latest in health, wellness and all things marketing.



I have been working at Skin Juice for about 5 years. I love learning and discovering new things every day. I’m passionate about helping people and businesses to be self-sustainable through the use of technology. 



I have been working at Skin Juice for about a year and many of you will speak with me on the phone when you call. I’m always happy to help answer any questions and point you in the right direction to find resources.


Lead Product Manufacturer

I work in our own Juice Lab at our Hunter Valley, NSW, office manufacturing Raw Earth co brands. Quality and cleanliness are my priorities and I ensure nothing but the best leaves our doors. 


Product Expert/Trainer

I’m a self-confessed skin care nerd who loves empowering people through education.


Product Manufacturer

I love helping with the creation of so many amazing products, they truly do smell good enough to eat! 


Product Manufacturer/All Rounder

I love working with such bright and exciting products. Doing something new every day means there’s never a dull moment. 

The Juice Lab

We have been proudly making skin care for 22 years and are involved at every touch point of each products journey. This means we create powerful, potent formulations while unearthing the very best natural and organic ingredients green chemistry has to offer.

As a company we won’t compromise on our values and we are responsible for sourcing all of our own raw materials and manufacturing our own formulations.